We regret to inform you that on 21.11.2013 Mr. JAN STAWASZ age 66 passed away.

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My name is Jan Stawasz. My tatting adventure started in 1992. One day I saw a friend of my acquaintance showing her how to tie the tatting knots and, as I had always been interested in atypical things, I decided to try it myself. Soon the activity absorbed me entirely, and I still remain faithful to it.
I developed my tatting skills after a car accident, which forced me to lead a rather sedentary life. I never copy someone else's patterns - all ideas arise in my imagination and I never repeat them. This it what makes my works so unique. Out of the several hundred works I have created so far, several dozen have been published in such magazines as Moje Robotki, Burda "Anna", Igla i Nitka, Poradnik Domowy or the British Workbox. Many of my works have found their way to museums, galleries and private collections not only in Europe, but also in the USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Brazil...
My whole workshop consists of two shuttles (also made by myself), a pair of scissors, a crotchet needle and a cotton thread. But, what is most important about the work, one needs to love what one is doing. If any element is imprecise or flawed, I cut it out and throw it away. Sometimes it means wasting a few-hours work, but a difference of just 1mm, which is the size of a stitch, is a cardinal error.
Tatting is my way of life, a passion in which I find great satisfaction. It enables me to meet many people, to cooperate with professional magazines and, what is most important, to share my knowledge and skills with other people during numerous courses and training sessions I conduct all over the country.
For my proficiency in tatting as well as saving and popularising a perishing profession, in 1997 I was awarded a scholarship of the Culture and Art Minister, and the National Artistic Commission acknowledged me as the only professional in the field in Poland. Owing to their decision I became the first member of the Folk Artists' Association in the category of tatting lace.
The publications concerning my work have already comprised a fairly impressive file and the innovatory method of tatting I developed (the so-called Jan's Method) has been recognised as the Polish contribution to the technique. My achievements have also been noticed by the 1st program of the Polish Television, which in 1995 broadcasted my tatting course and several other programs devoted to me and my work. Similar programs and articles appear also in other, regional and all-Polish media.
I am also a co-author of the National Professional Qualifications Standard for the profession of "Lacemaker" developed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.